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Portugal Real Estate Custom Services

Custom Services Set up accordingly to your needs & objectives

Personalised Investment Advisory Services
Property management services

Comprar uma casa

Real Estate
Consultancy Services

Hotel Key

Legal Advisory Services
Tax & Property Laws
Golden Visa Process
Legal and Fiscal  representation

chaves de casa

Property Management


House Renovations & construction
Architecture & Interior 
Works supervision


Buyers Agent Service
Real Estate Consultancy Services

Família Imobiliário

We provide you all the support and consultancy in terms of Property Acquisition or Investment in Portugal, selecting and presenting the best opportunities available on the Market.

We are also members of the INSTITUTE for LUXURY HOME MARKETING, which is one of the leading independent authorities on training and designation for real estate agents worldwide operating in the luxury residential market.

Our Team is part of the CENTURY 21 Tipy Family Projectus Agency in Lisbon -TEAM MONICA CRUZ, which belongs to TipyFamilyGroup - Europe's largest C21 Agency and Nº1 turnover Portugal and Spain in 2019, 2020 and leading 2021!

​Portugal Property Team - Buyers Agent Service:

  • We search for the best properties on the Market accordingly to your requirements & objectives;

  • We'll conduct all contacts & negotiations accordingly to your lead;

  • We'll perform an audit of all Property's documents - Due Diligence;

  • We'll perform a Technical Survey to the Property  to assess Property technical condition;

  • We' prepare and schedule all the legal acquisition process till the end of the deal;

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Legal advisory

Legal Advisory: Taxe & Property Laws

Encontro entre colegas

Through our Legal Partners - Martinez-Echevarria, Ferreira & Rivera International Law Firm, we're able to offer a personalized and customized Legal advisory, allowing you to invest with safety.

Areas of Practice:​

  • Real Estate Law & Fiscal representation;

  • Support to Foreign Investment;

  • International Advisory Tax Litigation;

  • Golden Visa;

  • Non Habitual Residents;

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Martínez-Echevarría, Ferreira & Rivera is a professional law firm of legal services, both for consultancy and for judicial protection, with activity developed in Spain, Portugal and Turkey for companies, families and private individuals.
The current team has more than 250 professionals, which makes Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera Lawyers a modern law office, completely adapted and prepared to give a response to the most demanding requirements for companies, both national and international, operating in Spain and Portugal.

Property management

Property Management Services

chaves de casa

A wide range of Services, allowing you to be reassured about your Property maintenance and rental management.

  • Property Maintenance - All Categories & specialties

  • Rental Management - Short or Long-Term rental

  • Market Advisory & Analysis


House Renovations & construction works


Through our Technical Partners - HOME Signature, we're able to offer a personalized and customized Legal advisory, allowing you to invest with safety.

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  • Architecture Projects;

  • Interior Design;

  • Property Renovations & Construction Works;

  • Works Technical Supervision;

  • Engineering Projects 6 Consultancy;

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