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Comprar ou vender casa
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Buying Property in Portugal

Finding your dream House, or Investing on Real Estate in Portugal

Download here our Buyers Guide

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Portugal Property Team offers a wide range of Property Selection, accordingly to your objectives and investments:

Família Imobiliário

Looking for a Property with specific requirements:

Download here our Buyers Guide

We can search & select the best opportunities  on the Real Estate Market accordingly to your requirements, through our BUYERS AGENT Services:

  • We search for the best properties on the Market accordingly to your requirements & objectives;

  • We'll conduct all contacts & negotiations accordingly to your lead;

  • We'll perform an audit of all Property's documents - Due Diligence;

  • We'll perform a Technical Survey to the Property  to assess Property technical condition;

  • We' prepare and schedule all the legal acquisition process till the end of the deal;

  • Legal Advisory : Real Estate Law & Support to Foreign Investment;

Chaves para o novo lugar

To offer the best options & solutions regarding Real Estate acquisition and Investment in Portugal, our Team offers you a wide range of Custom "Tailor-made" Services:

  • Buyers Agents;

  • Real Estate Consultancy;

  • Property Management;

  • Architecture & Interior Design Projects;

  • Refurbishment & Construction Works;

  • Legal Advisory : Real Estate Law & Support to Foreign Investment;

Homens com calculadora

Your tax liability as a foreigner Citizen depends on your residency status, which is defined by how much time you spend living and working in Portugal each year. Here we offer you a Portugal Tax Guide with all the information you will need, such as:

  • Who has to pay tax in Portugal?

  • Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) Tax status

  • Property Tax in Portugal

    • Capital gains tax

    • Rental Tax

    • Property purchase & owning Taxes

  • Fiscal representation in Portugal;

Download here our Portugal Tax Guide for foreigners:

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